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About Big Pencil


Big Pencil Studio operates out of a shopfront in West Preston in Melbourne’s North along the 112 tramline.  It is a space where small art workshops and creative activities are conducted with enthusiasm and dedication.  On occasion we transform it into a gallery to share the fruits of our labours and other interesting offerings.

It is run by practicing artist and arts educator Kathleen McCann who has many years of experience in both academic and private art coaching.  Encouraging creativity at all levels, Kathleen has a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with Honours, a Masters of Art (Visual Art) by Research and is currently undertaking a Phd.   She is well placed to teach you a thing or two, set the scene for your emerging art or just have endless raves on contemporary art.

The philosophy at Big Pencil is that everyone is entitled to enjoy the creative aspects of their nature.  Whether you are an established artist looking to re-engage with your practice, a complete beginner who is itching to try their hand at something or a high school student hoping to build a credible folio for university interviews, Big Pencil can work with you to develop and facilitate your skills and ideas.

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